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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Rules and regulations. Are these really necessary?

We operate for the entire community – owners and visitors alike – so a designed plan of operation is put in place for the protection of everyone. We request that owners and visitors respect each other and the guidelines set forth so that we can all enjoy the well-kept gardens. A copy of the basic rules or complete rules is available by visiting the office.

2. Endowment care. What is it?

When burial spaces are transferred either by the cemetery to a buyer or between private parties in any manner the corporation deposits amounts prescribed by statute or cemetery policy into the endowment fund. The corporation may then use the dividends and interest generated by the fund for maintenance of the grounds only.

3. Buying cemetery arrangements pre-need versus at-need. Why should I spend my money now? I have insurance.

Whether you are single, married, or have a significant other, there is peace of mind in knowing that you have taken care of this matter on your own and not left it to someone who may not have your wishes in mind. You will be able to make informed decisions about what you want, compare pricing and then decide on financial arrangements. This ultimately removes the emotional and financial burden from your loved ones at the time of need. Also by pre-arranging and pre-paying you have chosen what you want and have paid for it at today’s prices. This protects everyone because you now own these products and services thus relieving your loved ones of future inflationary pressures.

4. I have life insurance. Why pre-arrange now?

You probably purchased life insurance to protect and provide for your family’s future financial needs after your passing. You made a good decision so now make an even better one. From the day you sign for the life insurance policy it begins to lose buying power due to inflation. By purchasing now you freeze the costs of the funeral and cemetery items that we have to offer by using our guaranteed contract option. You pay a little each month just as you do for life insurance policy but there is no inflationary pressure. All of your life insurance remains intact for your family.

5. Irrevocable agreements. Why should I do this?

The first reason is to protect your personal assets. You are currently allowed by law to exclude amounts for pre-paid funeral/burial expenses from your personal assets if your agreement is irrevocable. Depending on your remaining assets this may permit you to remain eligible for Medicare, Medicaid and Medical assistance. Secondly, by making your agreement irrevocable, the type of services, products and other arrangements cannot be changed after your passing.

6. I’ve decided on cremation, Now what do I do?

You have many options available. Cremation is only a step in the preparation of human remains. You may elect to have a visitation with a full viewing before cremation. For this service the body will have to be embalmed and then cremated after the service by a funeral director licensed in your locale. We can assist you with a rental casket and a cremation urn for this option. Your second option would be direct cremation – again completed by a funeral director – and then using one of our inurnment options (all of the options below require prior arrangement by visiting the office, and all must be completed by cemetery personnel):

  • Bury an urn available from the cemetery in a smaller space in our cremation garden.
  • Bury the urn in a larger space in the cemetery (we allow 2 cremation inurnments per space). There is a second right of interment fee for the second burial.
  • Bury the cremains in the same space as a traditional burial. We allow 1 traditional burial and 1 cremation inurnment per space. Again, there is a second right of interment fee for the second interment. This allows the use of a double interment memorial which is more cost effective.
  • The cremains can be placed in one of our cremorials and placed on a smaller burial space. You do not need a separate urn as it is furnished with the bronze cremorial and your memorialization is then complete.
  • The cremation urn can be placed in one of our above ground niches (columbarium). Single and double niches are available and urns meeting the specifications for these spaces would have to be purchased in our office.
  • Some or all of the cremains can be scattered under the sod on a grave or in one of our scattering gardens.
  • Some of the cremains can be retained and placed in jewelry or blown into glass table top features. All are available in the office.

7. Is embalming required?

Embalming is not required by law except in certain specific cases. If you elect to have a funeral service with a viewing, embalming will probably be necessary. If you decide to do a direct burial or you prefer home preparation and viewing followed by immediate burial embalming usually is not necessary and we can assist you with this option. Pre-planning is essential for this option in order to comply with Pennsylvania statutes.

8. Will you buy back our unused grave spaces?

Marburg typically does not buy back grave spaces but, at our discretion, we do consider it on a case by case basis. For instance, if we have a potential buyer on our list that wants a burial space in your area we will try to facilitate that transfer. However if we can come to an agreement that is beneficial to you and us we will consider a re-purchase/transfer.

9. We have a buyer. How do we transfer our cemetery property?

In most cases of property, merchandise and services, the transfer is a simple process. If you have a buyer or are contemplating a transfer please call or visit the office so that we can share the exact details on corporate policy and state statutes that relate to your situation. All transfers must be completed in our office and recorded in the corporate ledgers. You cannot give someone your certificate of use (deed) or contract for merchandise and services and consider the transfer complete. There are administrative and endowment care fees associated with these transfers.

10. Grave openings. It costs how much and why?

A grave opening is simply more than “digging a hole”. Aside from the actual excavation, there are many procedures after receiving the initial order. There are work orders, permission forms required from the family’s arranger and other forms that the administrative staff completes in order to comply with corporate policy and state statutes. On the cemetery proper it requires two personnel a minimum of eight hours to prepare and complete a burial. For instance, if a funeral does not arrive at its appointed time or there is inclement weather (snow) it can take several more hours. Finally, the effort in restoring a grave can be extensive. Sometimes a grave must be repaired several times due to settling. Not only does the grave and surrounding area have to be repaired, roads and equipment must be cleaned in preparation for the next interment. Remember, we want to restore this area to original or better condition for you.

11. Consumer resource guides?

Resource guides and further information about the cemetery industry can be obtained by logging on to the following websites: